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Ejari online

easy, fast, trusted

Ejari online

easy, fast, trusted

What is Ejari

What is Ejari? According to RERA as of 14th March 2010, every tenant and landlord must get their rental and lease contracts registered through EJARI. Ejari is an electronic registration system accessible through the web, which is exclusively designed to execute the legal requirements as well as the vision and the mission of establishing a strong regulatory system to control the rental market in the Emirate. This regulatory system is established to protect the rights of everyone involved in rental deals.

Upon completion of the registration process, the applicant will receive the Ejari Attestation made of 3 parts:

What is Ejari – objectives, features, benefits

Ejari is a modern online registration system that ensures full protection of rights to all parties involved in a property lease agreement. The regulatory system also guarantees that all government agencies are enforced to recognize and support the rights of the parties. The system is aimed at creating transparency on the clauses and provisions of a private rental agreement signed by landlords and tenants and making such documents enforceable by law.

With the implementation of this regulatory system, RERA, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority in Dubai, wants to move established rental contracts practices into a proper legal framework. In addition to that, the registration of a rental contract with Ejari enables both parties to have a common shared knowledge and understanding of the contract itself and this comes at use, in particular, when a dispute arises.

The Ejari regulatory system contains historical data concerning property assets and landlords. On request, tenants can look up historical data and see the history of the rentals related to a certain property or landlord (past renewals, transfers, cancellations and terminations of previous contracts). Such information is important for a tenant who deals with a new landlord.

Ejari wants to be a fair system equally protecting the rights of both landlords and tenants as well as property management companies when involved. This system is also designed for regulating the payment of the agreed rental price when payment is made upfront. A rent receipt is provided upon completion of the registration process.

This web-based portal sets a standard for registering rental contracts and it makes life easier by saving people time and money. This system plays a key role in building and maintaining a trusted regulatory community environment in the real estate industry of Dubai. The Ejari registration offers a large set of benefits including: