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Ejari online

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Ejari online

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Ejari Termination | Cancel Ejari contract

Use this web-form to terminate a tenancy contract in the Ejari system. You are required to share your contact details and upload some documents in compliance with local laws and RERA regulations.

Submit an Ejari Cancellation request online

Ejari cancellations are processed in 24-48 hours (7-day delivery guaranteed). As soon as your request is received and a payment is made, our staff will proceed with a document check. If everything is in order, your application will be immediately submitted to RERA/Ejari. If we notice that any information is missing, incomplete or unclear, we will contact you to request further details.
At the end of the process, you will receive an email containing the Ejari Termination ID that is an official reference number which confirms the submission of your Ejari cancellation request to RERA at the Dubai Land Department. The Ejari Termination ID can be used at any Ejari office in Dubai for follow-ups, if needed. When an Ejari Termination ID is issued, RERA generally grants the final approval to the Ejari cancellaton in a few more hours. When afinal approval is granted, the applicant receives two notifications (by email and SMS) confirming that the Ejari contract is terminated. The entire process (including RERA’s final approval) takes less than a day.

NOTICE: Starting from October 2015, landlords are required to cancel expired contracts if the lease is not renewed by an additional term. If the lease is renewed, there is no need to cancel the contract and the applicant can simply proceed to register the renewal contract.

If you need help to cancel your Ejari contract online:

  • find an answer to your question at the FAQ page;
  • if you are not sure about what documents are needed to apply, read this page;
  • for any inquiry, email us at;
  • or chat with our Live Support (8am to 6pm, SUN-THU; use the red chat box below).

IMPORTANT: the fields marked in bold with an asterisk (*) are mandatory. Upload one file per document type. Maximum file size is 3 MB. Acceptable formats: pdf, doc, jpg, gif, tiff, png. PHOTOS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Please upload document scans only. If you do not have access to a scanner, you can scan your documents with a tablet or mobile device by using scanner apps like “Scannable” which is available on both Apple Store and Google Play.

1. The Applicant

The applicant is the person who requests the cancellation of a tenancy contract from the Ejari system.

Your full name *
Email address *
Phone number *
Upload your Emirates ID *
Upload Undertaking statement *
2. The Tenant

The tenant is the person renting the property and paying the rental price to the landlord. NOTE: if the tenant is a company, please apply in person at any Ejari office.

Upload Tenant's Passport (or Trade License)
3. Ejari Certificate

Please upload a copy of the Ejari Certificate you would like to terminate. If you cannot retrieve it, please upload a copy of the rental contract.

Ejari Certificate (or contract to be terminated) *
4. Property documents

Please upload some mandatory documents concerning the rented property. This includes the final DEWA bill and a No Objection Certificate.

Upload NOC (No Objection Certificate) *
Final DEWA bill * (or new account bill/activation)
Upload Landlord's Emirates ID (or Passport) *
Upload Title Deeds (or Affection Plan or SPA)
Upload Power of Attorney (optional)

IMPORTANT: if you experience problems with the file upload, please use a different web browser. We recommend Google Chrome. In the unlikely event the upload keeps failing, please send us the documents by email in separate files to We will manually upload them into the system.