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Ejari online

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Ejari Download | Tenancy Contract Dubai

Fill this web-form to download our addendum to the Ejari contract form used for residential leases in Dubai. The document is written in both English and Arabic and it can be easily edited with Microsoft Word (.docx format).

Download Tenancy Contract Dubai

Stop paying outrageous fees to real estate agents. Download our Addendum contract, apply your edits and sign it. You won’t need to rely on expensive agents any longer for new contracts or renewals. Our tenancy contract addendum includes all the clauses and articles needed for residential rentals in Dubai and it is compliant with UAE law and local customs. We offer the perfect set of additional conditions which fully integrate the norms found in the Ejari contract form. Your order will be processed immediately. The applicant will receive the download instructions by email within seconds from the moment a payment is made.

REMINDER: The Ejari contract form is required without exception for both residential and commercial leases drafted after 16 July 2017.

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A copy of the Tenancy Contract draft will be delivered to the person specified below. Please make sure the email address is correct.

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