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Ejari online

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How to Cancel Ejari online

If you want to cancel a tenancy contract from the Ejari system online (cancel Ejari), you need to comply with the Ejari cancellation requirements set on this page.

How to Cancel Ejari – Cancellation Requirements

The applicant is required to share contact details (name, email, phone number) as well as upload some mandatory documents in the system. Each file should not exceed 3MB in size. Acceptable formats are jpg, gif, pdf, doc, tiff, jpeg.

Find here the complete list of requirements:

Additional documents

In special cases, some additional documents are needed.

CASE #1: Property was sold during the tenancy period
If the property was sold during the tenancy term and the property buyer took over the rental contract, please verify and provide some additional documents:

CASE #2: NOC is signed by a representative of the Landlord
If the No Objection Certificate is signed by one of the landlord’s representatives, the applicant must submit the following:

Notice concerning non-automatic expiration of Ejari contracts

Following a change in Ejari rules dated 11-OCT-2015, tenants and landlords are required to terminate Ejari contracts not only in case of early termination, but also in case the contract is not renewed by an additional term at the end of the lease. This is quite a big change because expired contracts will not get automatically deleted from the Ejari system after the expiry date. Tenants and landlords are now asked to cancel the contract (cancel Ejari contract) in order to maintain the property in good standing. If the lease is renewed by an additional term, no cancellation is needed.

The most important implication regarding the new rule is that, when a tenant moves in a new home, if the previous lease was not cancelled, the tenant will not be able to register his new tenancy with Ejari. In fact, only one contract can be active on a property at any given time.

Failure or delay to cancel an expired or terminated contract determines the impossibility for the next tenant to register his rental agreement. Consequently, in case a ceased lease is still active in the system (due to the negligence of the landlord or to whatever other reason), the tenant might not be able to register his contract (the 2 contracts overlap in the system) and, by not having an Ejari certificate, the tenant might experience a long tail of negative consequences including the impossibility to get or renew his UAE Visa as well as other documents.

In general, it is a good habit to inquire with the landlord if the previous lease was cancelled from the Ejari system before moving into a new property. If the previous contract was not terminated, the tenant should ask the landlord to cancel it. Landlords shall cancel expired contracts (cancel Ejari) in a timely manner in order to avoid unpleasant delays with the registration of next rental contract.

It is a common practice that Ejari cancellations are made by landlords, but actually they can be done by any resident with an interest in the property (example: the new tenant). A cancellation request can be submitted online at this webpage or in person at an authorized Ejari office.

Ejari Online cancellations are generally processed in 24-48 hours only. When a termination is successfully completed, the applicant receives an Ejari Termination ID number by both email and SMS. This reference number can be used at Dubai Land Department or other Ejari offices for followups, if needed. Sometimes Ejari cancellations take a little longer up to one day due to RERA’s security checks and data sync across various systems. In any case, we guarantee a 7-day max processing time, or your money back.

Ejari registrations when the property is “already rented”

We noticed that some of our clients try to register a rental contract without knowing that another tenancy agreement is already registered and still active in the Ejari system. Since they are unaware of this essential information, the result is that the application gets rejected due to the existence of another valid contract. In order to avoid delays, tenants are invited to check with their landlords whether the property was previously rented and if the previous contract was cancelled from the Ejari system.

If clients incur in a case where another contract is registered in the Ejari system, we advise clients to cancel the old Ejari contract before registering the new contract. In this case, clients may contact the landlord to notify the issue.

Applicants can cancel the previous contract online or just request the cancellation in person by visiting an Ejari office in Dubai. Online cancellations are generally processed in 24-48 hours. After the previous contract is terminated, it will be possible to complete the registration of the new tenancy contract.