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Ejari online

easy, fast, trusted

Ejari online

easy, fast, trusted

Ejari Online service

Ejari Online ( offers the fastest and most convenient solution to register and cancel tenancy contracts with Ejari in Dubai.

With Ejari Online the entire process is managed over the internet. Document submission, document check, payment of government fees and delivery of the Ejari certificate are all done online. By using the Ejari Online service, applicants are not required to visit any Ejari office, rental authority nor attend any Ejari training course.

To save time and frustration, our Ejari specialists will check and proofread your documents, complete all the necessary paperwork on your behalf, submit the documentation to RERA and get the registration certificate. This is normally done in 24-48 hours from the moment we receive an Ejari service request and related payment. The Ejari certificate, an official PDF document generated by the Ejari system, will be delivered by email to the applicant’s email address. The Ejari certificate can be used with other government bodies as proof of tenancy contract attestation. If needed, applicants will also receive a scan of the hard copy version of the certificate. It is also possible to print the Ejari certifcate on any time it’s required.

Ejari Online | Service and support

We provide email and live chat support, 6 days a week (Fridays off), for 10 hours a day (from 8am to 6pm). We assist applicants during all phases of the registration process.

The online service includes the following activities:

Ejari Online | Benefits

If you have rented a property in Dubai and you don’t want to deal with the hassle to register your contract with RERA, then there’s no better option to hire an Ejari specialist who will take care of everything for you and deal with the authorities on your behalf. The ejari online service offers multiple benefits:

Our goal is to make our clients’ life a little easier by giving them one less thing to worry about. We know this job and we do it well. We deliver excellence. Surprise yourself and discover how easy and hassle free it is to register a tenancy contract with Ejari.