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Ejari online

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Ejari online

easy, fast, trusted

How to Register Ejari online

If you want to register a tenancy contract with Ejari online, you need to comply with the Ejari registration requirements set on this page.

Ejari Registration Requirements

The applicant is required to share his identity and contact details as well as upload some mandatory documents in the system. Each file should not exceed 3MB in size. Acceptable formats are jpg, gif, pdf, doc, tiff, jpeg.


This includes full name, phone number and email address. In case it’s the tenant applying for the Ejari certificate, email address and phone number will be entered in the Tenant’s section.

Applicants are required to edit, sign and upload an Undertaking statement of accurate tenancy contract details (view / download Undertaking Form). With this document applicants take responsibility for the accuracy of the documents and the information submitted during the registration process. Applicants can edit the Undertaking document either electronically with a computer or in hand writing. Signature must always be applied in hand writing. Along with the Undertaking statement, applicants are also asked to upload their Emirates ID.

How to fill the Undertaking form: click here for instructions.


This includes the tenant’s phone number and email address.

Please specify also the tenant type, ie. whether the tenant is an individual or a company. Based on this selection, the applicant is required to upload a different set of documents.

If tenant is an individual, please upload the Tenant’s passport, UAE Visa and Emirates ID. Tenant’s passport and UAE Visa are not required in case tenants are UAE or GCC nationals. The tenant’s Emirates ID is mandatory. If the tenant is a company (or other legal entity), please upload the company’s Trade License as well as the Emirates ID of the company manager.

Documents for individuals:

Documents for companies:


Please specify the contract type, ie. whether it’s a new contract or a contract renewal.

The applicant is required to upload a copy of the tenancy contract (all pages).

If the contract doesn’t mention the Security Deposit paid to the landlord or the Tenant’s PO Box, please enter these data in the respective web-form boxes.


The applicant is required to upload some other documents to support the registration of the rental contract. In particular, the applicant shall provide a proof of identity of the landlord, a proof of property ownership (the Title Deeds), the evidence that a DEWA account has been correctly setup in the premises (for Ejari renewals) or that the previous DEWA account has been terminated (for Ejari first registration). A copy of the Power of Attorney is needed when the rental contract is signed by a representative of the tenant’s or the landlord’s.


If you have special needs, please write your comments in the “Special instructions” box. Also, you can use the “Special instructions” box to submit some essential information which helps speeding up the registration process, in particular:

If you have a discount coupon, you can enter the code in the coupon box and a discount will be automatically added to your order.

Check your documents before using the online service

In order to avoid delays, it’s a good habit to proofread the documents before submission and make sure they are 100% correct and accurate. Misspellings are rare but do happen indeed.

This is our check list to help you make sure you’re right on track:

Great, that’s all! Now you’re ready to go!