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Ejari Undertaking form

Applicants must fill and duly sign the Ejari Undertaking form in order to be able to register a tenancy contract with Ejari. This requirement is deemed mandatory by the law and RERA regulations.

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LEGAL NOTICE: Applicants acknowledge they are fully responsible for the accuracy of the information written in the Ejari Undertaking form as well as for the documents submitted with their application. The submission of fake, forged, counterfeit documents is a criminal offence. Our website makes use of cookies and other logging techniques to detect the network, location and configuration of the device used for submitting a request. Applicants who attempt to force or abuse the system by submitting forged or counterfeit documents will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

How to edit the Ejari Undertaking form


Please check one of the “Applicant Type” boxes (tenant, representative, agent or owner). Property owners should check the last box (owner), whereas tenants should check the first option (tenant).

IMPORTANT: in compliance with the latest RERA requirements, only landlords and tenants are eligible to be “applicant” and request the registration of their tenancy contract. We will refuse applications submitted by anybody else, even if the requester is a person close to either the tenant or the landlord (for example, a relative, next of kin, real estate agent, a legal representative, a co-worker, or employee).

The applicant is asked to share some personal information including name, mobile phone number and Emirates ID number.

Ejari Undertaking | Part 1


Check the appropriate property type box. If the rented property is an apartment, flat, unit or condo, please check the first box (Unit). If an entire building or warehouse is being rented, please check the second box (Building). If a piece of land or villa is being rented, please check the third box (Land).

Area name, Land number, Building name, Unit number should be taken from the Title Deeds issued by the Dubai Land Department or the Affection Plan issued by the Dubai Municipality.

Ejari Undertaking | Part 2

As you see in the image above, you can extract property data from the Title Deeds. In particular, Area Name corresponds to “Community”, Land Number is “Plot Number”, Building name corresponds to “Building name” and Unit number appears as “Property no.” in the Title Deeds. The same information can be found on the Affection Plan if the Title Deed document is not available.

If a piece of land or villa is being rented, you can skip both “Building name” and “Unit number”.


Please check one of the available boxes (cancel Ejari certificate, Lease renewal or Lease Registration). If you are renewing a lease (meaning that you are extending your rental by an additional term), please check the “Lease Renewal” box. If you are registering a tenancy contract for the first time (first time registration), please check the “Lease Registration” box.

Ejari Undertaking | Part 3


Please submit some of the tenant’s personal information, including Name, Mobile Phone number, Email address.

Ejari Undertaking | Part 4


Please check ALL BOXES in the “Required documents” section.

Ejari Undertaking | Part 5


Please enter the current date and apply your signature. The signature must be handwritten, we will not accept digital signatures.

Ejari Undertaking | Part 6