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How to Download a contract draft

If you need an addendum to the Ejari contract form for private unlimited use (tenancy contract draft Dubai), go to this page to request a download.

Tenancy Contract Draft Dubai

Having a good Tenancy Contract template written by professionals can be very useful at the time of renewing a lease or signing a new contract in Dubai. In fact, it is common in Dubai to attach an additional set of conditions to the Ejari contract form, which is considered as the general framework defining the relationship between landlords and tenants. An addendum to the Ejari contract is needed most of the times because landlords and tenants have special needs and would like to clearly define the rights and obligations of both parties in a more precise way. For this reason, we offer the perfect set of Additional Conditions to become integral part of the Ejari tenancy contract.

Normally the draft of an Addendum contract is done by real estate agents who, given the current rates, charge up to AED 1,000 for an exhaustive draft. Landlords and tenants pay this sum jointly every year. Now imagine that you can slash this cost by 90% in one go!

With our Ejari compliant Addendum contract template you can save time and money as you won’t need to pay expensive fees any longer. Landlords and tenants will just download the document from our website, review it, apply changes to the general terms and conditions, print the document and sign it. That’s it!

Our team of lawyers has drawn up a Tenancy Contract draft that perfectly meets the needs of tenants and landlords leasing residential properties in Dubai. The tenancy contract is written in both English and Arabic according to local laws and customs. This document can be used for an unlimited number of times and it is suitable as addendum for Ejari contract renewals as well as new tenancy contracts.

The “Tenancy Contract Draft Dubai” document is written on a Microsoft Word file (.docx extension) and it is fully editable in every part. In fact, you can add, edit, delete clauses based on the specific needs of tenants and landlords. The MS Word file is ready to be printed and signed. The contract template is complete and it bears the most common clauses and practices used in Dubai with respect to property rentals. The document is divided into 7 sections: primary terms and conditions, tenant’s obligations, landlord’s obligations, contract renewal and termination, Ejari registration, governing law, observations.

Tenancy Contract Template Dubai – Price

The download is offered as a free complimentary gift to clients purchasing our online registration service. If this is not your case and you just want to purchase the contract template, please place your order at this webpage and proceed with the payment. The contract template costs AED 100 only (VAT included). This price will be converted into USD for the corresponding amount of $27.22.

After a payment is processed, the requester receives an email containing a download link. The download link is sent to the email address entered in the order form and it’s delivered literally within seconds from the moment the purchase is made.